Tuesday, May 1, 2012

life. dreams

Today, I have been thinking about dreams. We all have them big or small and they usually take up a lot of our thoughts. I am a Christian so I am also always wondering what does God think about this too. I was listening to a sermon this week and the pastor was talking about how we are motivated by three things: 1) Selfishness 2) Fear and 3) Love. Fear and selfishness suck the life out of anyone but love energizes. I think that God loves our dreams that are motivated by love. In fact, I think that most of those even came from Him. 

My love dream: Community- I am a lover of the body of Christ and seeing people share life together. I believe that there is no event too small to attend to support the ones you love and attending these events (like choir concerts, wedding showers and birthday parties) shows that you care and honor this person. My dream is greater sence of love and unity.  

What's your love dream? 

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