Monday, April 30, 2012

People. Brit {The Magnolia Pair}

Well April is wrapping up today, but I do have one last sponsor. Its Brit from Magnolia Pair! I personally love her blog. She has adorable style (her blog is so flippin cute!!!), she's warm and fun. Show her some love and check her blog out. You will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

life. Oh How Pinteresting {Outfit Edition}

This Wednesday I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting. This week my top ten pins are focused on outfits. I'm planning on going thrift store shopping this saturday for some summer dresses so I'm hoping to use this for inspiration. PS Portland has some AWESOME thrift stores- its kinda how we roll :).

Source for everything here

Friday, April 20, 2012

life. High Five for Friday

                        .......enough said :)

I will again be linking up with the lovely Lauren for High Five for Friday!!!

Here are my top five exciting things from this week. 

1. I got my April Birchbox! It had Taylor Swift Wonderlust Perfume (a really nice sweet scent), some nourishing hair cream, tea, natural cleanser and moisturizer and some really cute nail polish!

2) Last night I went with some friends to our favorite Thai place here and Portland. So good. I had the Massaman Curry. 

3) I got a new record for my back squat: 175lbs!!!!

4) We surprised the heck out of my mom for her birthday!!! You can read about that here

5) Bath and Body works had a sale.... do you think I went over board??? lol! 

How was your week??


Thursday, April 19, 2012

people. Surprise!!!

So yesterday was my mom's birthday and let me tell you, I pretty much have the best mom in the world!! So this year my dad and I got to thinking we need to do a surprise party for her. The problem is how to truly make it a surprise because if we were to take her anywhere around her birthday she would probably catch on. So we came up with the Home Invasion Birthday Party. Wendy (a family friend) arranged it and had everyone meet close by then they all arrived early with food, presents and decorations and surpised my mom (big time surprise!) singing happy birthday and then we had a instant party!!! It was great, especially since my mom is such a behind the scenes type of person. I loved seeing her in the spotlight and hopefully she will someday forgive us. 

Here she is with Penny. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

life. Oh How Pinteresting {Fitness Edition}

Linking up again with The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting!!! 

I have discovered that I LOVE themes!! So this weeks theme for Oh How Pinteresting is fitness. The beginning of last December I made a huge lifestyle change when I joined a local (crossfit style) gym and started eating Paleo (no grains, no refined sugar and a few other things). While this journey has been tough at some points it has been well worth the effort. I feel great, I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. I have challenged myself and have pushed myself past my preconceived limits. 

So, inspired by my fitness journey (oh, it is a journey-still learning like crazy!) here are my top ten pinterests for this week. I hope you enjoy!!!

Eating Right is like a prerequisite to being healthy. I love lean meat for 3 reasons. 1) It tastes great! 2) Its good for you. 3) It keeps you full. 

Weight is NOT an accurate measurement of fitness. I wrote more on this topic here


Stretching. Currently the thing I have the most trouble with, but I'm working on it :)


This is the story of my life right now! Last November I didn't know what a dead lift was. Now I can dead lift 225, squat 175 and bench press 110! I have surpassed all of my preconceived ideas of my own strength. 

 My kind of workout- Strength training with heavy resistance.


Love This! Family and Fitness! New Role Model Alert!

Breakdown of running. Fascinating!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Love. Georgian Banov

Have you guys heard of Georgian Banov?? He is a wonderful Christian (Charismatic) Speaker. Last night, I went with some friends to a conference near my house where he was speaking. Just Wonderful! You know those people who have so much love and joy in them that it is contagious. Yep. Thats Georgian. Georgian is from Bulgaria and currently has a ministry to the Gypsies in eastern Europe with his wife Winnie. 
Check out their website:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

people. Aubrey {The Kinch Life}

Today, I would like to introduce the girl behind one of my favorite blogs- Aubrey! She is always a source of love and joy with a touch of humor! Go on over and check out her blog, you will be glad you did. 
                                        - Nicole

Hi you lovely gals; I'm Aubrey Kinch & I'm so glad to be here here today! I blog over at The Kinch Life such an original name, I know.... ;) NOT.

1. I am married. To the most amazing man out there, Andrew. We promised our forever to each other October 1, 2010 and have enjoyed all the choas of our life together so far.
2. I am a Christian. God is beautiful and he is good, always. 3. I have a 6 year old step-son, Drake. He is the biggest blessing and I love him more then words can explain.
4. I am a daddy's girl; we danced to I Loved Her First at my wedding and we both cried a lot; the ugly sobbing though so no pictures will ever be seen. ;) 5. I am addicted to EOS [looks like an egg] chapstick.
6. I have multiple tattoos and am no where near finished getting them. Most have flowers and bible verses.
7. I sang the National Anthem for a basketball game in middle school, once. Was too scared to ever do it again.
8. I work as a full-time nanny for a beautiful toddler, Elle. It makes me want my own, soon.
9. I am obsessed with Target. I am there 4...5 times a week. Literally. 10. I am notorious for sending Christmas Cards out the day after Thanksgiving. I get a lot of crap for it but I am just wayyyyy prepared. ;) 11. It's my dream to have a southern accent where I can say "bless your heart" and it would be accepted. Plus I love country music.
12. I am a chronic organizer.
I hope that gives you a small glimpse of me and what I'm all about.
Come show my blog some love; can't wait to meet you all!
& thank you so much for having me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

life. Oh How Pinteresting {Wedding: Paperie Edition}

So as you guys may be aware of, my lovely friend Carissa is getting married soon!!! I have been in charge of making all things paper related. So. I finally got some since and decided to use pinterest as inspiration (yes, actually using it for an actual purpose!) So here are my top ten favorite pins for things wedding invitation oriented. Let me know some of your favorites!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

People. Jessica {Lovely Little Things}

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers. She was one of the first I found and I love to read her blog everyday! She is funny, she is sweet, she is Jessica. Here is a little about her!

Hi lovelies! I'm Jessica and I blog over at Lovely Little Things :) I'm a small girl with a BIG passion for life. Some things that I love are: coffee dates, good books, cute dresses & sunshine. I blog to stay creative, to appreciate life's little things & to inspire others. Come visit :) xo

So, show Jessica some love and head on over!!!
I would also like to thank her for being super nice, encouraging and a fantastic blogger! 
- Nicole 

Check out her blog right here: 
Lovely Little Things

Monday, April 2, 2012

life. smell the roses

This weeks smell the roses task was write down your favorite quotes and stick them somewhere for a daily reminder. I chose all Bible verses and stuck them on my closet door so i could see them first thing every morning :).
Here they are:

Luke 2:18 is a constant reminded to me to be thankful. God has done so much in my life and I want be like Mary and treasure these things.
Psalm 25:3 is my reminder that God is super powerful and when rely on Him, He always comes through.
Hosea 3:1b just cracks me up!!! sacred raisin cakes! I would probably love them too! :)

Thats all for now!

Lovely Little Things