Sunday, December 4, 2011

life.ode to grains

So, yesterday i joined a gym thats not a gym. weird. right? So its a total fitness center placeish. So i go 4 specific times a week and i do a workout (their against cardio, so its lifting and... more lifting)with a trainer and some other people (less than 10) and thats it. except i cant eat sugar, dairy, legume, and worst of all no grains. This sounds crazy. Definitely against most things i have heard my whole life. but its a small gym, the owner is super passionate and knowledgable, there are tons of results everywhere you look, and what they have to say makes sense, kinda (biology was the only subject in high school that i ever got a C in, so im not really an expert.) so im going for it for a month. cold turkey. i have made up my mind that i will do everything they tell me(except on christmas) and in a month we will see if i am more or less healthy. what sucks is that pretty much all of my favorite foods are, well, grains. So here is my ode to grains. i will miss you very much.

the number five thing i will miss, is you. pad thai. you make me happy everytime i step into an asian restraunte. 

number four is fettechini alfredo. you have stuck close to me ever since i was a child. i will remember you. 

weighing in at number 3 is garlic bread. you are delicious and you always know how to best accompany other carbs. you are always a side dish, but you know that everyone truly wishes you were the main course.

number two is fried rice. yes you are a tried and true favorite and i have mastered how to prepare you. your soy graininess preceeds you are a must have and favorite. so long for now.

number one has to go to hawaiian pizza. but not just any hawaiian pizza- bellagio's, buggatti's or my own. you are high quality and provide me with a delicious combination of salty and sweet. you are my favorite food in the whole wide world. fair thee well. 

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