Thursday, December 8, 2011


so. i did it. i gave up grains, veg. oil, legumes and most dairy. and i feel GREAT! for reals. i always have energy. i never feel bloated. and suprisingly im not really craving grains.
 So. here are some things that i like most about the paleo diet.
1 you can eat as much as you want.
2 they encourage you to eat meat for every meal.
3 you get to be creative with new food like coconut flour!

so today i made some yummy pudding out of apples, coconut milk, coconut oil and cinnemon.
foods i want to make:
paleo pancakes (made with coconut flour)
paleo meatballs with marinara and zucchini
paleo bread ( made with almond flour)
paleo asian pasta (glass noodles- made from bean starch) - at least i hope its paleo ;)

thats all for now. happy eating!

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