Wednesday, February 29, 2012

love. coffee and health

I'm not sure if you have picked up on this yet....but I love coffee. I mean I LOVE it! as in a lot...

When I started my paleo journey {see here} I realized that I couldn't go with my usual caramel macchiato anymore- a grande has over 30 grams of sugar!! but was I going to give up on coffee all together???- HECK NO! 
So, I thought of trying the "skinny latte's" at Starbucks, but those use fake sugar which i think tastes like crap and is also pretty unhealthy. Thats when I went for a caffe latte- which tasted good, but not great. 

But then. It dawned on me.

Enter: The Cappuchino. 

It is small, yet delicious, but not too milky. It's rich and creamy- the perfect after lunch pick me up. When I drink a Cappuchino,  I feel European- elegant, sophisticated and refined. 
Plus with only 120 calories and about 12 carbs (at Starbucks) the Cappuchino is both stylish and healthy! 

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