Friday, April 20, 2012

life. High Five for Friday

                        .......enough said :)

I will again be linking up with the lovely Lauren for High Five for Friday!!!

Here are my top five exciting things from this week. 

1. I got my April Birchbox! It had Taylor Swift Wonderlust Perfume (a really nice sweet scent), some nourishing hair cream, tea, natural cleanser and moisturizer and some really cute nail polish!

2) Last night I went with some friends to our favorite Thai place here and Portland. So good. I had the Massaman Curry. 

3) I got a new record for my back squat: 175lbs!!!!

4) We surprised the heck out of my mom for her birthday!!! You can read about that here

5) Bath and Body works had a sale.... do you think I went over board??? lol! 

How was your week??


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