Wednesday, April 18, 2012

life. Oh How Pinteresting {Fitness Edition}

Linking up again with The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting!!! 

I have discovered that I LOVE themes!! So this weeks theme for Oh How Pinteresting is fitness. The beginning of last December I made a huge lifestyle change when I joined a local (crossfit style) gym and started eating Paleo (no grains, no refined sugar and a few other things). While this journey has been tough at some points it has been well worth the effort. I feel great, I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. I have challenged myself and have pushed myself past my preconceived limits. 

So, inspired by my fitness journey (oh, it is a journey-still learning like crazy!) here are my top ten pinterests for this week. I hope you enjoy!!!

Eating Right is like a prerequisite to being healthy. I love lean meat for 3 reasons. 1) It tastes great! 2) Its good for you. 3) It keeps you full. 

Weight is NOT an accurate measurement of fitness. I wrote more on this topic here


Stretching. Currently the thing I have the most trouble with, but I'm working on it :)


This is the story of my life right now! Last November I didn't know what a dead lift was. Now I can dead lift 225, squat 175 and bench press 110! I have surpassed all of my preconceived ideas of my own strength. 

 My kind of workout- Strength training with heavy resistance.


Love This! Family and Fitness! New Role Model Alert!

Breakdown of running. Fascinating!!!


  1. Wow, I would LOVE to be able to bend like that. I have always been so stiff. I'm also going to have to check out that running article!

  2. great motivation! love that lean beef chart!

    Have a happy Wednesday! {I have a giveaway going on now, & would love for you to enter!}