Thursday, March 8, 2012

life. lose the scale

Last December I decided to embark on a healthy living journey. I started going to a crazy intsense gym {that I love} and eating (as much as I can) Paleo. The very very very first thing that I learned was to lose the scale.
But…why??? We like the scale, it tells our progress so that we can feel good about ourselves! The problem is that weight is mainly distinguished by three things: 1) Fat (bad) 2) water (necessary for our survival) and 3) muscle (good). Our water weight is what makes the scale go up 3 pounds down 5 then up 2- and guess what, it doesn't mater. Then we find ourselves stressed out and we become unhappy. Also if we are exercising (hopefully we are doing cardio AND weights) we should be gaining a little weight in muscle which is really good. 
So, to illustrate how our weight alone is not an accurate measurement of our health I will show you a picture of a lady at my gym- yes. I actually know her and have talked with her (she is super nice). 

Here it is. Meet Deb. 

Yep. true fact. 

So, if not the scale- then how do I know if I am making any progress?

First off, eat healthy and exercise because its soooooo good for you! 
Second, focus on more external goals- How many days in a row can you eat healthy? how many miles can you run? whats your deadlift? how long can you hold a plank? I would recommend looking for a crossfit gym if you have the funds- they are so great!!! 
Third- you will notice- mostly in how your clothes fit- suddenly those jeans are a little loser and that feels good!
Fourth- other people will notice and you will get some compliments. 

so thats all. I challenge you. lose the scale! 


  1. This is all soo true! I've been slowly, but surely making these kinds of changes in my life. I hate that so much rides on the scale in our society. But I'm making the changes in our household to be different. Great post!

  2. Thanks Leanne! I love the encouragement!!!!

  3. I struggle with that but know I shouldn't worry about what the scale says each day. I need to seriously consider getting rid of it!

  4. Katie,
    You should defently get rid of it, I find it quite liberating :) You are lovely regardless of the scale says- it dont know!!!

    Have a lovely week