Monday, March 26, 2012

life. crash

So this week I decided that for my smell the roses task I would venture only slightly (ok 2 hours) outside of my city to the beautiful Oregon Coast. 

You can see why, its GORGEOUS!!! {source}

I teamed up with my wonderful friend Elise and Saturday morning we embarked on our journey.

We didn't get that far. Here's what happened:

Elise was driving us in her awesome Subaru and we were at an intersection turning left on a protected green arrow. All I can remember is seeing the arrow and in the corner of my eye towards the drivers side I saw a car coming straight towards us. As I turned my head towards the scene it happened. 

Impact. We caught air... Land.... and Jerk!
We had just been hit by another car. 

We were stunned. I got out of the car, Elise followed because she couldn't open her door where the other car had hit us. At this point we were at a busy intersection of a small town. We knew we were supposed to do something, but we were still in shock that we weren't sure what is was that we needed to do. We went to the other car to see if the driver was all right. Elise had to pry her door open, but she was able to get out. The lady's airbags had deployed and we could see that her mouth was bleeding. It just so happened that another lady came that knew her and took her aside to help. At this time firefighters and police men were arriving on the seen. Elise went to move her car so that we could clean up the area so people could get by. Eventually they got everything cleaned up and sent us on our way- Elise's car was drivable, but super damaged.

Here is the thing. We got hit in the weakest part of the car. We got hit hard- I'm pretty sure the lady was going at least 30 (to our near stand still) and their is no evidence that she saw us or tried to break. 

But guess what. 

We are totally fine (well minus some whiplash and a bruise from the seat belt). God totally protected us. I really think we should have been hurt more. No airbags. No shattered glass. We didn't hit our heads on anything. It was just the Lord. He loves us. Even in the experience itself, I wasn't scared at all in that moment of impact and aftershock. I was totally peaceful- stunned and shocked, but yet peaceful.  

So today, I'm thankful for God's love and protection.

Here is a photo of the aftermath

Lovely Little Things


  1. Wow. I was in a similar accident last year. Praise God you are okay Nicole. :D

  2. Wow. You guys were def in God's hands. I'm so glad y'all are ok!!!! I got sandwiched between two cars in November and I still shutter when traffic comes to an abrupt stop and I fear I'm going to get smacked from behind. This is a good reminder that I should stop worrying and know that I'm always I'm the hands of God.

  3. Oh wow - I am so incredibly grateful that you ladies are okay! That's seriously incredible. God never ever ceases to amaze me...SO awesome :)

    PS - the picture of the coast is gorgeous!

    Happy Monday!

  4. Oh my goodness! That is too crazy, but I'm happy to hear that there was no severe damage. God is good! I know the scariness of car accidents, I've been in 2 pretty serious ones, so I understand. Sounds like you all were pretty smart though.

    Glad all is well :)

  5. It’s astonishing how the impact did not incur injury on you and your friends. Were you able to ask for the other driver’s contact information? That is usually one of the things that you must do in accidents like this. The purpose is to claim personal injury or insurance claims from whoever’s responsible for the accident.

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