Friday, March 30, 2012

life. High Five for Friday {Busy Busy Bridesmaids edition}

This week has been pretty busy with wedding prep things for my lovely friend Carissa's wedding. Busy, busy, busy but I love it. Their is so much bonding that happens when you are working on a wedding- what's not to love? 

So in honor of Carissa's wedding-  here are my top five exciting things for this week related to the wedding :)

1. We finally finished the design for the wedding invites- the design was lead by myself :)

2. We had an invitation making party where lots of skills were discovered! Such a great group! Thank you all for your hard work!!!!

3. At the invitation making party, Andy (the groom) was put on fabric duty. He had a fabric measuring tape and everything!

4. I worked with Carissa's mom to design these lovely invites for her Bridal Shower (yep, I made all those little flowers from scratch!) 

5.  I took Carissa to get her wedding dress fitted. This was really fun, especially since Saundra did the fitting- she was like a second mom to me growing up. 

What are your favorite things about preparing for a wedding??



  1. how fun to have an invitation making party!! they look super cute! happy friday!

  2. The invitations look so fun! Good job!

    I had a party of 1 when it came to addressing our invites for our wedding, ha!

    Happy Monday :)