Tuesday, March 13, 2012

life. In defense of credit cards

I feel that credit cards have been given a bad name. I certainly bought into that until this past summer when I finally bit the bullet and got a credit card- SUCH A GOOD DECISION!!! :) 

Here are my top reasons for loving my credit card (ps chase all the way)
1) FREE MONEY- yep in the past 6 months I have earned $70 just by buying things with my credit card and not my debit card or cash. 
2) Credit Score- If you are responsible and pay your credit card bill on time then you get the benefit of improving your credit score which will be super important for me when I need a big loan (and multiple other things). 
3) Safety Net- let's say that my credit card gets stolen (or someone hacks it online) then generally any purchases that I didn't make are covered by the credit card company. This is only sometimes available for debit cards and if your cash gets stolen then it's just tough luck! 
4) Track your Money- I am such a nerd, I make spreadsheets for my finances with a budget and what I actually spend. Since I have my statements, I can easily categorize and sum where I spend my money each month. You can also do this using websites like mint.com

So thats all for now. 

grab your self a credit card, but don't go crazy :) 

- Nicole 

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