Wednesday, March 14, 2012

life. Oh how Pinteresting {places edition}

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Once again, this week I will be linking up the The Vintage Apple for my favorite pins from this week. 

This weeks theme: Favorite Places 

love.Venice I want to go...right now! {source}

The Coast of Spain- I have been dreaming about going to Spain since Freshman year of High School! I hope it happens!! {source}

Madalga, Spain- Again, Spain. I can't help it :) {Source}

Dear Valley- I am sooo ready for some snowboarding and how gorgeous would it be here!!! {Source}

The Big City- I would love to take an east coast trip soon! I have yet to visit the Big Apple!! {Source}

The Caribbean- So, right now it's really cold here in Portland- I could use some a lot of sun! {Source}

Stockholm, Sweden- So pretty & I heard they make pretty good chocolate :) {Source}

Boston- ok. part of my east coast tour!!! {Source}

Paris, France- My ultimate dream!{Source}

I have no idea where this is, but I would love to find and visit!! {Source}


  1. i havent been to ANY of these places. but now you are making me want to travel ASAP. ha

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  2. I lived in Europe for 5 whole months, it was amazing :)

    Spain is beautiful.
    Venice is magical beyond words. Totally in a different world.
    Paris is just like the pictures. Unique and lively.
    London is my all-time favorite though :)

    I've been all over the continent. When you're ready for your trip, let me know and I'll give you the best of advice!

  3. Spain is amazing. If I could have stayed in Barcelona forever, I would have.

  4. I love big cities and I would go to Boston and New York right now if I had the chance! One day! :)