Tuesday, March 6, 2012

life. new look

Hey Everyone,
I was hard at work all monday night to perfect the new blog style that you now see!!

My friend Victoria visited me a few weeks ago from California (you can read about that here) and she happens to be a wonderful photographer and took the photo that you now see in my new banner while we were soaking up the local atmosphere. 

Here is what I did to create this style from the photo she took:1) I edited the photo in illustrator to create a banner 2) then I made the background just solid white (isn't simplicity the best!?!?) 3) I added pops of dark red in the text (black, grey and red is my absolute favorite color scheme!!) and 4) lastly I changed the font of my post titles to be similar to the text in my banner. 

I hope you all enjoy it and let me know what ya think. :) 

Here is a glance at what it used to look like. 
Better? Yes?

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