Thursday, March 22, 2012

life. time

Time is a funny thing. It passes both quickly and slowly, and sometimes we don’t realize how much time has actually passed. Yesterday I got a phone call from a high school friend and it was super fun to catch up. Then I thought to myself- how long have we known each other. The answer: 12 years!! I suddenly realized how quickly time passes us by and how much I have changed since then. So for this post I decided to make snapshots of my life. Here it is:

Grade school:
Home schooled
Avid Figure Skater
Desired Career: Dolphin Trainer

Jr. High/ High School:
Total Band Nerd/ Slight Choir Nerd
Softball player wannabe
Desired Career: Professional Musician

Business Finance Major
I Did EVERYTHING: Spanish, Business club, Chapel leadership, diving team. You name it, I did it.
Desired Career: Financial Analyst

Work for my church
Avid Weightlifter
Desired Career: Entrepreneur

Time. It’s a funny thing. How has life changed for you?? 

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